Our Top 10 Videos (10/10): How To Make Pretzel Lollipops

As promised in our last post where we shared some interesting statistics from our YouTube Channel, we are starting series of blogs posts dedicated to our top 10 videos (of all time).

Today we present you the video #10 on the list – “How to Make Pretzel Lollipops”. This video was created on March 22, 2011, and the goal was to show how easy it is to make great party favors using our pretzel lollipop molds.

As of today, this video is at number 10 position of our 10 most popular video on our YouTube Channel. It was viewed 24,299 with a combined watching time of 61,347 minutes or 42 days and 14 hours! The top three countries where this video was viewed are USA, Canada, and United Kingdom. If you enjoyed the above video please consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel where we share cake decorating and candy making tips and advice.

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