Top 10 Videos (6 out 10): Making a Chocolate House

In the 6th place of the 10 most popular videos on our YouTube Channel, comes the video instruction on how to use our Chocolate House Candy Making Kit. This mold is wonderful to make a chocolate centerpiece or a display piece for Christmas and New Year. Thes kit includes:

  • 2 Molds with walls, roof, and chimney for the house
  • 2 small (2 oz) Squeezit Mold Painters (to paint your house with colored chocolate)
  • 1 Large Wide Mouth Squeez Bottle – this bottle will help you to fill out the mold with a background color. You can fit about 1.5lb of melted chocolate into this bottle
  • 8 oz bag of Macaroon Coconut – for the snow for your house
  • 25 small yellow drop flowers for extra decoration for your chocolate house
  • 12 inch round cardboard to make/display your chocolate house on

As of this writingThe above video was viewed 51,400 with the combined watch time of 104,930 minutes or 72 days and 20 hours. Top three county where this video is watched are United States, United Kingdom, and Philipines.

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