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Sweet Sixteen Lollipop Mold
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Sweet Sixteen Lollipop Mold
Sweet Sixteen Lollipop Mold
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Make the cutets lollipops for a Sweet Sixteen party using this mold. The mold has five cavities, allowing you to make up to five lollipops at atime. If you plan on making large quantity of the lollipops consider ordering two molds. You can speed up the process if you alternate the molds - you can fill one with chocolate while the other can be hardening in the freezer. When finished, the chocolate portion of the lollipop will be about 2x2.5 inches.

This mold is designed to fit perfectly our 4.5 inches log lollipop sticks.

This mold should not be used to make hard candy lollipops- use it for chocolate lollipops only! Never clean your candy molds with any soap or detergent- use warm water only.

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