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Here at Chocolate Belles we can make a perfect wedding cake for you. Our butter-cream icing cakes are $3.95 per slice and the fondant cakes are $5.95 per slice. Please visit our store to discuss your wedding cake (click here for driving directions). We are opened from 10AM to 6PM - Monday through Friday and from 10AM to 5PM on Saturday.

Our Delicious Cake FlavorsOur Yummy FillingsOur Tasty Icings
WhiteVanilla PuddingVanilla Buttercream***
YellowChocolate PuddingChocolate Buttercream***
ChocolateBavarian CreamWhip Cream***
Chocolate Chocolate Chip*Bavarian Cream with Bananas and Strawberries**Fondant
Chocolate Chip*Fresh Banana CreamChocolate Fondant
Red Velvet*LemonCream Cheese
Lemon*StrawberryLemon Buttercream
Orange*Fresh Strawberry**Orange Buttercream
Spice*Strawberry BananaAmarretto Buttercream
Rainbow*Red Raspberry 
Plus any flavor you might likeBlueberry 
 Whole Cherry 
 Pina Colada 
 Strawberry Mousse 
 Raspberry Mousse 
 Chocolate Mouse 
 Pineapple Chiffon 
 Canolli Filling 
Add $0.25 per slice for flavors with *Additional Charge for fillings with ***** Standard Icing