A Huge Thank You To All Of Our YouTube Subscribers!

Our YouTube Channel is already 7 years old! Even though we have not made many videos recently, it served us very well to showcase our products and offer tips on cake decorating and candy making. We would like to thank you for watching our videos, liking them, sharing them with your friends, adding them to your lists.

Following are some fun statistics about our channel that you may find interesting. The Chocolate Belles Channel has 103 published videos as of today. We have 6,256 active subscribers. All of our videos had been viewed 2,491,377 times. Our videos were watched for 2,644,212 minutes (5 years 10 days)! Our videos were added 4,487 times to different playlists. Our videos were shared 2,059 times and there are 1,189 comments on our videos!

Therefore once again, we thank you very much for being our YouTube subscriber! In the upcoming week or two, we will showcase the top ten most popular videos from our channel on our blog – please stay tuned.

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